Facing challenges in hiring

key talent in Japan?

Interim Talent could be your solution.

Looking beyond permanent talent.

In an era of talent scarcity, filling key positions often takes time. Where can you find talent?

Top performers are increasingly choosing a more flexible way of work to fit their lifestyle. To meet critical talent needs, employers should start searching beyond permanent talent.

Making immediate impact with Interim Talent.

We empower global organizations by providing professional Interim Talent who serve as their on-the-ground manager or leader in Japan. We help clients fill key talent gaps quickly, with more flexibility and cost efficiency compared to traditional recruitment.

We make immediate impact with Interim Talent.

About Us

Clareza Partners is a company specialized in providing Interim Talent, or Interim Management, for global organizations operating in Japan. We provide clients access to top talent who can overcome various challenges such as gaps in language, culture, and business norms.

Article - Why Interim Talent is a win-win for employers and workers

Companies are revisiting their workforce strategy and starting to use Interim Talent schemes not just as a means of temporary hiring but more widely to meet their key talent needs.

Article - What makes hiring in Japan so challenging?

Many global companies struggle in hiring experienced high-performing talent for their key positions. To overcome such challenges, companies should stop looking for unicorns and look beyond permanent hire.

See who recently joined our pool of Interim Talent

Country Manager in

Financial Industry

9+ years as a Country Manager at global financial institutions. 3 years leading a firm’s successful entry into the Japanese market.

Strong industry network (e.g. FSA).

Expert in Corporate


27 years of experience in management roles at global high-end customer brands.

Expertise in external & internal PR, branding, and marketing.

Specialist in

Japan Market Entry

Supported 100+ companies with market research, finding local partners, and sales.

Experience in various industries such as construction, industrial products, and consumer goods.

Executive Director in

Hi-tech Industry

8+ years of experience in senior management roles.

Strong expertise especially in telecoms, infrastructure, and semiconductors.

Specialist in HR Management

and Operations

20+ years in HR covering various domains including strategy, recruitment, employee relations, compliance, payroll, and talent development.

Labor and Social Security Attorney.

Sales and Marketing Leader

with System Engineer Background

29+ years in global IT industry, including 7 years of people management across multiple functions.

15+ years of experience as a senior manager in sales / marketing roles.

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