Interim Talent Solutions

Interim Talent is a temporary hiring in terms of leadership and professional talent. We provide clients access to Interim Talent with proven track record as a manager or a leader at global organizations in Japan.

Why Interim Talent?

While the world is changing at an unprecedented speed, talent gaps could have major impact to the business.

Hiring Interim Talent is a rational move if you are facing such challenges. You'd be able to fill critical talent gaps quickly, with flexibility in engagement period and utilization, and much less overhead costs compared to permanent staff.

Use cases of how companies leverage Interim Talent

Business turn-around

A company requires structural change in their local business, involving change in local leadership, however struggling to find a candidate to get on board and lead this change. Hiring an interim local country manager would be an option that is worth considering.

Project-based assignment

A senior manager is required to run an important project hands-on, but this project ends in 6 months and there is no internal resource who can take on such role. Hiring an interim project leader would be a good choice.

Interim-to-permanent hire

A company is looking for a new leader for their local business, and wants to ensure that the candidate is a good fit before hiring as a permanent staff. An interim leader can be engaged with an option to transition to permanent staff if mutually agreed.

Part-time engagement

A local finance leader is in need but the business size is not sufficiently large to justify a full-time CFO. An interim finance leader could be engaged to work part-time during normal times (and more frequently during busy seasons such as fiscal year-end).

How we can help

Clareza Partners is specialized in providing interim managers & professionals ("Partners") who have exceptional skills and experience to fulfill the needs of global organizations in Japan.

Our Partners must meet the requirements below.

Management Experience

Has proven track record as a manager / professional at global organizations in Japan.


Fluent in Japanese and English.


Willing to adapt to new environment and open to learn new things. Influences others to lead through change.

Proactive, results-driven, and accountable. Shows respect to others and fosters culture of team spirit and inclusiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of hiring an interim talent?

    You will be charged on an hourly basis. Hourly rates differ by seniority of the role and assignment duration, so please reach out to us to get a quote. There will be no one-time fees or any other on-going costs, other than actual expenses required as part of the assignment which we will ask for your prior approval (e.g. travel expenses to visit your branch office in a distant location).

  • How long does it take to assign an interim talent?

    It typically takes 1 to 2 weeks. It may take longer if you have specific requests such as requirements in location, area of expertise, assignment period etc. Please contact us and we will confirm who will be available and when he/she can start.

  • How do you ensure that the assigned interim talent performs well?

    We will assign a project sponsor who will be your point of contact if any issues arise. The project sponsor will also be the coach for the interim talent and will support him/her throughout the assignment.

  • The assigned interim talent is showing exceptional performance and we want to hire him as a permanent employee. Is this possible?

    Yes, if the interim talent accepts your offer. We do not require recruitment fees for this transition, hence it is a cost effective way to hire new talent (Note: Recruitment agency fee in Japan is typically 30 to 40% of annual pay).

Looking for Professional Interim Talent?

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